Table Top Exercise on Zoonotic Diseases: Application of The One Health Approach

Table Top Exercise on Zoonotic Diseases: Application of The One Health Approach was
held in Bangi Resort Hotel on 16 th and 17 th March 2019. This activity emphasis on the
application of One Health approach in solving infectious diseases theoretically, hence four
groups consist of multidisciplinary postgraduate students from UKM, UNIMAS, UPM, UM,
and UITM were formed during this table top session. Aside from that, this activity
highlighted the practice of familiarizing table-top exercise to younger workforce so that when
the time needed, they will know how to detect, respond and prevent to infectious disease.

One Health Problem-Based Learning Book 2 Session with Multidisciplinary Students

Eighty-four students from various disciplines had taken their time off and participate on One
Health Problem-Based Learning Book 2 with Medical, Health Sciences and Veterinary
Undergraduates Students that took place at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti
Malaysia Kelantan on 15 th March 2019. The activity aims to assess the comprehensibly of the developed book on the students while creating the opportunity for medical, health sciences and veterinary undergraduate students to work together on One Health cases. The book will be published later this year.

One Health Field Epidemiology Training: Introductory Course

One Health Field Epidemiology Training combining officers and academicians from various disciplines was held from 17th to 22nd February 2019 in Kuantan Pahang. Forty-six participants attended the training. This year, this 5-day training aimed at training younger One Health Workforce on how to respond competently to the infectious disease outbreak. Other than lectures and working on scenarios, the training also brought participants on a trip to Terang Bersih Sdn Bhd, a landfill in Jerangau, and Kuantan Port. Participants learned on health safety and preventive measurements taken by both companies when dealing with possible infectious diseases such as leptospirosis which commonly occurs in both places. The trip continues to Lie Ming Pig Farm, Kampung Pulau Manis in which the farm used to have JE cases not too long ago. As an introductory course, this training was an eye opener for the new generations of One Health Workforce that will continue to fight against zoonotic diseases.