One Health Problem-Based Learning Book 2 Session with Multidisciplinary Students

Eighty-four students from various disciplines had taken their time off and participate on One
Health Problem-Based Learning Book 2 with Medical, Health Sciences and Veterinary
Undergraduates Students that took place at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti
Malaysia Kelantan on 15 th March 2019. The activity aims to assess the comprehensibly of the developed book on the students while creating the opportunity for medical, health sciences and veterinary undergraduate students to work together on One Health cases. The book will be published later this year.

Table Top Exercise on Zoonotic Diseases: Application of The One Health Approach

Table Top Exercise on Zoonotic Diseases: Application of The One Health Approach was
held in Bangi Resort Hotel on 16 th and 17 th March 2019. This activity emphasis on the
application of One Health approach in solving infectious diseases theoretically, hence four
groups consist of multidisciplinary postgraduate students from UKM, UNIMAS, UPM, UM,
and UITM were formed during this table top session. Aside from that, this activity
highlighted the practice of familiarizing table-top exercise to younger workforce so that when
the time needed, they will know how to detect, respond and prevent to infectious disease.

One Health Field Epidemiology Training: Introductory Course

One Health Field Epidemiology Training combining officers and academicians from various disciplines was held from 17th to 22nd February 2019 in Kuantan Pahang. Forty-six participants attended the training. This year, this 5-day training aimed at training younger One Health Workforce on how to respond competently to the infectious disease outbreak. Other than lectures and working on scenarios, the training also brought participants on a trip to Terang Bersih Sdn Bhd, a landfill in Jerangau, and Kuantan Port. Participants learned on health safety and preventive measurements taken by both companies when dealing with possible infectious diseases such as leptospirosis which commonly occurs in both places. The trip continues to Lie Ming Pig Farm, Kampung Pulau Manis in which the farm used to have JE cases not too long ago. As an introductory course, this training was an eye opener for the new generations of One Health Workforce that will continue to fight against zoonotic diseases.

Protecting First Responders Against Zoonoses in Disaster Management

From 29 th until 31 st January 2019, Protecting First Responders Against Zoonoses in Disaster Management was held in The Bangi Resort Hotel. The activity was conducted over the course of three days to develop a user-friendly guide for multi-agencies first-responders to protect them against zoonoses in disaster management using One Health approach.

Twenty experts attended the activity to brainstorm and write chapters to be incorporated in the manual. Since the activity was a continuation from the previous year, the draft of the manual
l has already been laid off, hence on a little bit twitch and twist needed to be made. The activity successfully developed 6 chapters range about the precautions needed to be taken by the first-responders pre-deployment to the various diseases background that may exist in the disaster area. The manual is expected to be published later this year, which will be after the simulation activity that scheduled in April this year.

MyOHUN Annual Meeting 2018

The MyOHUN Annual Meeting 2018 was held in Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, Kuantan from
6 th to 7 th October 2018. Prof. Dr. Hair Bejo, MyOHUN Chairman, welcomed all participants
and thanked everyone for their contribution in Year 4. The meeting continued with the
presentations from Project Leaders, Researchers, and Student Club Advisors who had
completed their activities and researches under MyOHUN. The presentations highlighted
some of the achievement and challenges while conducting the program, also the lesson
learned to increase the impact of the activity.

The meeting then continued with pre-planning discussion on Year 5 activities. The result of
the discussion was then presented the next day which each presentation emphasis on added
values and improvements from activities that continued from previous years.

Workshop on Training the trainers on One Health Integrated Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Surveillance Manual

Workshop on Training the trainers on One Health Integrated Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Surveillance Manual was held on 25th and 26th September 2018 in The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya to improve understanding among laboratory and surveillance personnel on One Health Integrated AMR Surveillance manual. Eighty-nine participants from the Ministry of Health, Department of Veterinary Services, National Public Health Laboratory, Department of Fisheries, Institute of Medical Research, Fisheries Research Institute, State Health Departments, Health Clinics, Hospitals, Laboratories and MyOHUN participated in this workshop.

IN-SITU One Health Problem Based Learning for Animal and Human Health

The IN-SITU One Health Problem Based Learning for Animal and Human Health was held for the fourth time this year from 14 to 16 September and from 21 to 23 September. The program was held at the Deer Breeding Centre, The Department of Veterinary Services, Lenggong and Matang Mangrove Forest, Kuala Sepetang, Perak.


With the objective of the activity to expose students to the application of the theories learned in class at the pre-clinical level to the problem investigation used by the One Health concept, a total of 174 students from various backgrounds, each contributing to the unique aspect of One Health – Biomedical Science, Medicine, Forestry, Environmental Health and Veterinary Medicine involved in the program.

National Rabies Simulation Exercise 2018

Rabies is a zoonotic disease caused by Lyssavirus and can infect all types of mammals. On June 30,
2017, the state of Sarawak has been shocked by the Rabies case for the first time. Ten lives have been
killed, and the virus is still threatening Sarawakians because the disease has a relatively long
incubation period up to six months. The risk of re-emergence of the disease has always been due to
the active movement of pet from around the world. Likewise, the rapid movement of local and foreign
tourists in infected countries, making the risk always available. Hence, from 24 th to 26 th July 2018,
MyOHUN collaborated with DVS Sabah organized the National Rabies Simulation 2018 in Tawau,
Sabah. In this regard, the simulation exercise of rabies is very useful in streamlining contingency
plans and regular operating procedures, as well as building a team that acts fast and efficiently in
dealing with the epidemic.

One Health Young Leaders and Communicators

Efforts to improve knowledge about how to deal with zoonosis threat more quickly, intensify further to students during One Health Young Leaders and Communicators that was held from 16th to 19th July 2018 in Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson.


A total of 49 students from six local universities including four students from three Cambodian universities have the opportunity to participate in the five-day activity. The program gathers students from a variety of different fields including Medical and Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Environmental Science, Social Work, Animal Sciences, Agriculture, and Psychology


Project Leader, Dr. Mohd Faizal Ghazali, said the objective of the activity was to introduce students to the concept of ‘One Health’ and to provide knowledge on the competencies required in the ‘One Health’ practice. He said the concept requires an individual to work in a group in dealing with various issues. Zoonotic disease issues are complex and more effectively addressed using the ‘One Health’ concept among various agencies and institutions and thus strengthening communication, collaboration and networking with each other.


Present during the activity was Professor Dr. Stanley Gordon Fenwick from Tuft University, the United States to help facilitate the activity.

One Health Field Training for Emerging Zoonoses

One Health Field Training for Emerging Zoonoses was held in Tenera Hotel, Bandar Baru Bangi, and Lipis Plaza Hotel, Kuala Lipis from 2nd until 5th July 2018. Seventy officers, academicians, and postgraduate students from UKM, UNIMAS, UPM, and UITM with various background participated in this activity along with the active contribution of experts from the universities, Ministry of Health and Department of Veterinary Services. This activity trained participants on outbreak simulation in a classroom setting. The students were divided into five groups which represent the settings in the scenario, for example, district hospital, health clinic, DVS office, State Health Office and others. Two cases were discussed during the 2-day workshop in Tenera Hotel, Bangi. In Kuala Lipis, during the visit in Felda Kechau, demonstration of indoor residue spray and treated bed net as preventive action from malaria were delivered by officers from the District Health Office while visiting Felda Kechau. The activity will be continued with Table Top Simulation Exercise in August.