IN-SITU One Health Problem-Based Learning for Animal & Ecosystem Health

The IN-SITU One Health Problem-Based Learning for Animal and Ecosystem Health was held this year for the fifth time from 19th to 21st April 2019 in Akademi Pengembangan Veterinar and Pusat Perkhidmatan Veterinar Jerangau in Terengganu. With the objective of the activity to expose students to the application of the theories learned in class at the pre-clinical level to the problem investigation used by the One Health concept, a total of 33 students from various backgrounds, each is contributing to the unique aspect of One Health. Five triggers were introduced, and participants were required to discuss the triggers and fill up a FILA (Fact, Idea, Learning Issue, Action) table to organized ideas and thoughts to investigate the problem. Although the program was only for two days, the experiences gained during those days were priceless. Positive feedbacks were received from participants, facilitators, and the staffs in the academy and center. 

One Health Problem-Based Learning Book 2 Session with Multidisciplinary Students

Eighty-four students from various disciplines had taken their time off and participate on One
Health Problem-Based Learning Book 2 with Medical, Health Sciences and Veterinary
Undergraduates Students that took place at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti
Malaysia Kelantan on 15 th March 2019. The activity aims to assess the comprehensibly of the developed book on the students while creating the opportunity for medical, health sciences and veterinary undergraduate students to work together on One Health cases. The book will be published later this year.

Regional Training of Trainers: One Health Problem Based Book 2

From 29th June until 1st July 2018, Regional Training of Trainers (ToT): One Health Problem Based Book 2 was held in Hotel Perdana, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The activity aims to train facilitators on the use of One Health PBL book 1 and 2 in teaching undergraduate students, as well as to improve the quality of PBL cases from both books based on feedbacks. The activity is built upon past activities on the development of OH PBL book 1. Dr. Hellen Amuguni from Tufts University, United States was again invited to be the trainer for the activity. Twenty-eight academicians that have different disciplines and from various universities such as UniSZA, UPM, UNIMAS, UMK, IIUM, and UKM attended the activity.