Workshop on the Development of One Health manual on Handling Disease Outbreaks II

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Progressing on the Development of a One Health manual on Handling Disease Outbreaks, a second workshop was held from 22nd to 25th August in Melaka at the Ramada Plaza Hotel. Previously there were 5 groups from each discipline that has made a preliminary outline of the manual which provided a step to step guide to an outbreak investigation. This manual can be used by a novice and also act as reference for the experts in the field during the management of an outbreak. There were 25 participants involved in the workshop in which 14 participants came from universities, 1 from the Institute of Medical Research, 8 from the Department of Veterinary Services, and 2 from the Ministry of Health. During this workshop, each multidisciplinary group made appropriate corrections and changes for the manual. A draft of the manual was completed respectively according to the template of the manual. A number of issues were detected and resolved when discussing the chapters. During this workshop, experts from the Ministry of Health and Department of Veterinary Services who were part of the team gave impromptu talks on what their responsibilities are and gave a clear image of the human-veterinary service role during an outbreak.