Pilot Study for Assessment of MyOHUN One Health Training Impact

Calling all alumni for: 

  1. Community Education Belum
  2. Field Epidemiology Training Program
  3. In-Situ Problem Based Learning
  4. One Health Young Leader
  5. Table Top Simulation
  6. Wildlife Zoonoses

MyOHUN is currently conducting an assessment on the impact of our activities in which you have been a participant previously. We are currently conducting a pilot study and would like to invite you to participate.

If you agree to participate, please fill in the related link on the training program that you had joined:

* Note: If you had joined more than one training programs, kindly select the link for your most recent training program.

Community Education Belum:


Field Epidemiology Training Program:


In-Situ Problem Based Learning:


One Health Young Leaders:


Table Top Simulation:


Wildlife Zoonoses:

Your participation in this pilot study will be valuable for us to evaluate the activities and work towards improvements.   Thank you in advance for your kind attention and participation. We look forward to your positive response. Please do not hesitate to share this activity to your friends