Seminar on Biosafety Cabinet Performance

Biorisk Management Twinning Program

ISO 35001 Gap Analysis Workshop

UNIMAS Biorisk Management Curriculum Roadshow

MyOHUN BRM Train the Trainer Workshop

USM Biorisk Management Curriculum Roadshow

IMG_3848 (1)

One Health Table-top Simulation Exercise for Postgraduate Students

DSC09071 (1)

Seminar on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Awareness among Non-livestock Agriculture and Environment Sectors Policymakers


In-Situ Problem Based Learning 2024


Field Epidemiology Training 2024

One Health Young Leaders and Communicators 2024


UM Biorisk Management Curriculum Roadshow

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Joint Risk Assessment Rabies Workshop 2024

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(MOH) Enhanced Ministerial Community Engagement and Empowerment Training


Malaysian Youth One Health Workshop


MyOHUN Strategic Planning Meeting 2023

In-Situ One Health Problem-Based Learning on Animal, Human and Ecosystem Health

MyOHUN One Health Field Epidemiology Training

VOHUN/MyOHUN Biorisk Management Trainer Development SE Asia Region Collaboration Workshop

One Health Young Leaders and Communicators

Malaysia Youth One Health Workshop

UniSZA Biorisk Management Curriculum Roadshow

Table-Top (TTX) Simulation for Post-Graduate Students

Biorisk Management (BRM) Laboratory Self-Assessment Workshop

STOP Rabies Program

One Health Community Education on Malaria Knowlesi

Hari Zoonosis Sedunia – Pencegahan Leptospirosis Bersama Komuniti, Pasar Awam Banting

MyOHUN Annual Meeting 2023

SEAOHUN 2023 Student Training on Biosafety and Biosecurity


MyOHUN Strategic Planning Meeting 2022
One Health Field Epidemiology Training
Table Top Simulation Exercise for Postgraduate Students
In-situ One Health Problem-Based Learning on Animal, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health
Empowering Women and Leadership in One Health
Avian Influenza Simulation Exercise
One Health Leadership Training for Mid-Level Executives
One Health Young Leaders and Communicators
Dissecting One Health Core and Technical Competencies During Outbreak Response
National One Health AMR Public Awareness 2022 “Training the Trainers”
Latihan Kesedaran Keselamatan dan Kepentingan terhadap MELIOIDOSIS
MyOHUN Annual Meeting 2022
Pilot MyOHUN Introductory Biorisk Management Workshop for Graduate Students
Organizational Sustainability Workshop

Infectious Substances Shipping Course

Biorisk Management University Curriculum Development Workshop

Develop a Cadre of MyOHUN BRM Teacher Trainers


Vilifying Wildlife in the Age of Pandemics: Confronting Fears and Misconceptions
Refining Master of Injections Matrix with Subject Matter Experts
Webinar Series on Gender: The Importance of Gender in Disease Management and Outbreak Response
World Zoonoses Day Webinar: Preventing the Next Pandemic
Virtual One Health Field Epidemiology Training
Safety Awareness Training on the Importance of COVID-19 Disease Among e-hailing and p-hailing Services Community
Training on WHONET for AMR Data Management in Animal Health


Strategic Planning Meeting 2020
Development of Program Module for In-Situ One Health Problem-Based Learning for Human and Animal Health
Empowering University Students And The Orang Asli (Indigenous) School Children On One Health Using Experiential Learning
Tabletop for Avian Influenza Simulation Exercise
Training on Introduction of Robotic for Fighting Pandemic COVID-19
Workshop on Operation of Autonomous Platform for Contactless Deliveries for Older Persons
Emergency Response Training on Public Health Emergencies of COVID19 to ERT Members
Empowering the Skills of Detection of Tuberculosis in Animals and Human and the Reporting System Among Veterinary and Medical Students


One Health Front-Liners Disaster Module Assessment and Scenario Development
One Health Field Epidemiology Training
OH PBL Book 2 Sessions With Multidisciplinary Student
Table Top Exercise in Handling Disease Outbreak and Field Experiential Learning
Development of AMR Toolkit for Animal and Aquatic Health
One Health Young Leader 2019
Training of Government Officials and Educators on Biosecurity and Biosafety in Conservation Centre
In-Situ One Health Problem-Based Learning on Animal and Ecosystem Health
Training on Tropical Ecosystem Health and Prevention of Wildlife Zoonoses
ICOOH 2019
Rabies: Regional Field Simulation Exercise
Training of Trainers on AMR & Infection Prevention Control Toolkits
Avian Influenza: National Field Simulation Exercise


One Health Disaster Front Liners Module Development Workshop
One Health Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Seminar & Launching of Malaysian Action Plan on AMR (MyAP-AMR)

MyOHUN Annual Meeting 2018

Pilot PBL with Medical, Health Sciences, and Veterinary Undergraduates Students
One Health Field Epidemiology Training 2018
Community Education and Field Training on Disease Transmission Among the Indigenous People (Orang Asli) in Peninsular Malaysia
Development of Table Top and Field Simulation Teaching Module
One Health Field Training For Emerging Zoonoses
Training on Prevention of Wildlife Zoonoses and Tropical Ecosystem Health
One Health Young Leaders and Communicators 2018
Rabies Outbreak Simulation
National Avian Influenza Simulation Exercise
IN SITU One Health PBL 2018
Training of Trainers on Integrated Surveilance System


Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Seminar & Workshop
NCO-MyOHUN Surveillance Audit
One Health Problem Based Case Development Workshop
MyOHUN National One Health Workforce Strategic Planning Meeting
Training on the Prevention of Wildlife Zoonoses and Ecosystem Health
Workshop Preparation for Field Epidemiology Training
One Health Young Leaders & Communicators
One Health Problem Based Case Development Workshop
Table Top Simulation Outbreak Phase 1
One Health Core Competency Centric Teaching
Regional Training of Trainers One Health Problem Based Book
Management of Zoonotic Diseases Application of The One Health Approach