COVID-19 Digital Awareness Challenge.

Dear MyOHUN Members/Friends,

Calling all students!

The One Health-Next Generation (OHW-NG) Project is pleased to announce the COVID-19 Digital Awareness Challenge.

Submission Deadline: 14 June, 2020

What we are looking for
Digital content ( ex., poster, flyer, cartoon, 2-3min videos) to answer at least one of the following

• What is COVID-19?
• How is the COVID-19 transmitted?
• How to prevent individuals from getting infected?
• What message would you share with your community about COVID-19?

Submission process:
You can submit your application to: or using the QR code

  • All students both undergraduate and graduate from the SEA countries are welcome to participate
    individually or in group.
  • All students should follow government regulations (confinement, social distancing, masks, ..). Any
    submissions that break governmental guidelines would be excluded.
  • Submissions must be original content. If submission is not in English, please also submit a translation
    or a summary in English. Content should be appropriate for all literacy levels.
    Review Criteria: Submissions will be judged by a panel on the strength, relevance and artwork and
    communication skills. All students are welcome to participate. Multidisciplinary teams are highly
    A winner will be selected for each of the following material:

1- Best video
2- Best flyer/poster
3- Most innovative digital content

Prizes will be available (will not exceed $4000) and selected submission will be published on OHW-NG
digital platforms and websites.

For more information, please see the attached flyer or email Mr. Shafik Anizar at the National Coordinating Office at

Download the pdf version

MyOHUN Stay at Home

These are dark times for Malaysia, but we as Malaysian should never give up and
should stay vigilant and support each other facing the threat of COVID-19. Our government came out with a Movement Control Order (MCO) to curb this threat.

As mention above, during the period of MCO, MyOHUN National Coordinating Office
will be closed until 14 April 2020. All the NCO members will work from home can still be contacted via email. We apologized in advance for all the inconveniences that occurred during the period. We pray and hope that this threat will end soon.

Our highest and most appreciative thank you to our frontliners that work non-stop to
stop COVID-19 and bring back peaceful Malaysia. We pray that all of you stay strong
and may all of us prevailed.

StayAtHome #thankyouFrontliners