Virtual One Health Field Epidemiology Training

Since the training was first introduced as MyOHUN activity in 2016, this year, Field
Epidemiology Training was executed virtually through the Webex platform.
Combining officers and academicians from various disciplines, the training was held
from 8 – 10 September 2021. 38 participants sit through this 3-day training in
utilizing One Health competencies to respond comprehensively and competently to
the infectious disease outbreak management. Though the world is still wounded by
the current pandemic, Field Epidemiology Training took this opportunity to make
participants realize the urgency of the training and prepare our workforce to deliver
tasks when needed. Congratulation to the Project Leader, Prof. Dr. Razitasham, and
her team for successfully conducting the training virtually.

One Health Field Epidemiology Training: Introductory Course

One Health Field Epidemiology Training combining officers and academicians from various disciplines was held from 17th to 22nd February 2019 in Kuantan Pahang. Forty-six participants attended the training. This year, this 5-day training aimed at training younger One Health Workforce on how to respond competently to the infectious disease outbreak. Other than lectures and working on scenarios, the training also brought participants on a trip to Terang Bersih Sdn Bhd, a landfill in Jerangau, and Kuantan Port. Participants learned on health safety and preventive measurements taken by both companies when dealing with possible infectious diseases such as leptospirosis which commonly occurs in both places. The trip continues to Lie Ming Pig Farm, Kampung Pulau Manis in which the farm used to have JE cases not too long ago. As an introductory course, this training was an eye opener for the new generations of One Health Workforce that will continue to fight against zoonotic diseases.