Online Webinar: The Re-emergence of Rabies Posing a Transnational Threat to Public Health

Organised by the International Veterinary Students Association Selangor, Malaysia in collaboration with the One Health Students Club UPM and MyOHUN.

This webinar aims to create awareness of the on-going rabies outbreak in the Eastern part of Malaysia, Sarawak and to highlight the importance of a one health approach to control and manage the outbreak. The objectives we wish to achieve from the event includes raising awareness about rabies burden in Malaysia, understanding its significant impact on public health and the importance of anti-rabies vaccination and other means of control. We would like to develop a holistic understanding regarding multi-agency collaboration to prevent and eradicate human rabies.

To register, please go to the following link:…/1FAIpQLSf84gApxNUt2g…/viewformHappy New Year and see you all on 9 January 2021!

National Rabies Simulation Exercise 2018

Rabies is a zoonotic disease caused by Lyssavirus and can infect all types of mammals. On June 30,
2017, the state of Sarawak has been shocked by the Rabies case for the first time. Ten lives have been
killed, and the virus is still threatening Sarawakians because the disease has a relatively long
incubation period up to six months. The risk of re-emergence of the disease has always been due to
the active movement of pet from around the world. Likewise, the rapid movement of local and foreign
tourists in infected countries, making the risk always available. Hence, from 24 th to 26 th July 2018,
MyOHUN collaborated with DVS Sabah organized the National Rabies Simulation 2018 in Tawau,
Sabah. In this regard, the simulation exercise of rabies is very useful in streamlining contingency
plans and regular operating procedures, as well as building a team that acts fast and efficiently in
dealing with the epidemic.