School Zoonotic Diseases Awareness Program

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Dr. Mohd Mokrish Md. Ajat, UPM  


Dr. Nur Indah Ahmad, UPM Dr. Juriah Kamaludeen, UPM Dr. Taznim Begam Mohd Mohidin, UM Dr. Noor Soffalina Sofian Seng, UKM  

Project Summary

School Zoonotic Diseases Awareness Program is a project designed by Dr. Mohd Mokrish Md. Ajat from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UPM Serdang campus and Dr. Juriah Kamaludeen from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences UPM Bintulu campus. The program was conducted from 10th of July to 11th of July 2017, and Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Campus was selected as a host to organize this two days program in assessing and creating awareness on zoonotic diseases among school students. Prior to the program, a training session for volunteers was conducted on the 8th of July 2017. A number of 20 volunteers comprised of undergraduate, postgraduates and lab assistants were trained to perform activities throughout the program. Volunteers were introduced to the basic concept of One Health and went through the modules developed to create awareness among school students on zoonotic diseases. With the alarming increase of zoonotic diseases in Malaysia such as leptospirosis and rabies, this program is essential to educate children on the importance of prevention from zoonotic diseases. Students were assessed before and after the program. Preliminary results show that the level of students’ awareness on zoonotic diseases increased after taking part in this program.