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We are pleased to announce that admission to the MS and phD programme for academic year 2018 for the department of veterinary public health, faculty of veterinary science, Chulalongkorn university is open. Please find the attached guide and application of the scholarship for ASEAN. We are now accepting applications in the following area: Food safety
  1. Aquatic animals and products
  2. Campylobacters and related bacterial species: monitoring and control/prevention measures
  3. Antibiotic residues in meat
Antimicrobial resistance
  1. Bacteria from aquatic animals and products: phenotypic and genotypic monitoring and resistance mechanisms
  2. Foodborne pathogens and indicator bacteria: phenotypic and genotypic monitoring, resistance mechanisms and diagnostic tool.
  3. Hospital-acquired bacteria: phenotypic and genotypic monitoring, resistance mechanisms.
  4. Pet-associated bacteria: phenotypic and genotypic monitoring, and resistance mechanisms.
Emerging diseases
  1. Avian influenza: monitoring and diagnostic tool.
Please send all the documents required to by 28 May 2018 for the first-round screening. Best Regards, Rangsiya Prathan
Download: Application FormGuidelines