National Avian Influenza Field Simulation Exercise 2019

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The Ministry of Health, in close collaboration with MyOHUN and Department of Veterinary Services, organized the National Avian Influenza Field Simulation Exercise 2019 on 5th and 6th August. The location for this exercise spreads all over the Pahang state, specifically in Kuantan, Jerantut, Temerloh, and Pekan. The exercise began on 5th August with a briefing on the simulation in IIUM Medical Centre Kuantan involving the organizers, controllers, evaluators, and observers. On 6th August, the simulation exercise was performed, and more than 120 officers, health practitioners, and academicians were involved in this exercise. The simulation was followed by a debriefing and closing ceremony that evening. MyOHUN looks forward to continuing its involvement in this interagency collaboration as it benefits all parties.