Empowering University Students And The Orang Asli (Indigenous) School Children On One Health Using Experiential Learning

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This year of OHW-NG project, Project Leader, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Rashid of RCSI & UCD
Malaysia Campus, and his team members of committed lecturers from different universities
in Malaysia have made this activity specifically to create awareness and preventive action
towards COVID-19. Students of multidisciplinary backgrounds have journeyed to Temenggor
Lake to share their knowledge on infectious zoonotic diseases and best prevention practices
to the Temiar school children in Pos Kemar, Temenggor. As part of the community
education and health promotion from One Health Workforce, the university students could
instill knowledge and bring awareness of the potential morbidity and mortality of COVID-19.
The educational and health promotion materials were custom made for them using mostly
easy-to-understand graphics. The activity also exposed the students to a community that
showcased how vital their work and awareness building in One Health is to certain
populations in order to become effective One Health workers and ambassadors.