Webinar: Roles & Challenges of Gender in Zoonotic Diseases

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MyOHUN cordially invites everyone to our upcoming Webinar entitled “Roles & Challenges of Gender in Zoonotic Diseases”. MyOHUN is progressing towards gender-sensitive programmes and activities to achieve gender equality. The integration of gender in zoonotic diseases is critical to be considered at every level of the One Health workforce which includes planning, policy development, program implementation, and program evaluation. A successful and sustainable workforce will have the capacity to address gender norms, gender-related barriers/constraints, gender roles, and gender relations, and will embed gender mainstreaming, gender equity, and fair treatment for all genders throughout its systems, operations, and institutional structures. Therefore, having these goals in MyOHUN implementation of sustainable programs, two webinars will be conducted consequently, starting from this first webinar to address the gender issues in zoonoses.

The details of the Webinar are as follows:
Date: 8 April 2021
Time: 2.30pm – 4.30pm (Malaysia Time)
The Webinar is free and you will need to register at the following link:https://forms.gle/AXK6wjYeRq2KrXdW8

The link to the Webinar will be sent later after you have registered. For more information, please see the attached poster and program. Feel free to share this post your friends and other interested groups. See you all on 8 April!