Table Top Simulation Exercise for Postgraduate Students

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Forty multidisciplinary background postgraduate students from UKM, UPM, UM, UPNM, UMK, UiTM, UMS, and USM attended a Tabletop Simulation Exercise for Postgraduate Students from 15 – 19 May 2022. This 4-day training in Felda Residence Hot Spring, Sungkai, provides a platform for the future OHW-NG in managing emerging and zoonotic diseases that are common in this region, using possible scenarios and preparedness plans.

This activity received local experts’ active contributions and input from universities, the Ministry of Health, the Department of Veterinary Services, and other related government or non-government agencies to ensure relevance between theory and practice. During this activity, the combination of both in-class and field visit learning provides the future OHW-NG with the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure preparedness for future disease outbreaks.

Field activity to Kampung Tidung Dalam, Pos Jernang exposes participants to active cases detection of Malaria, Blood Film for Malaria Parasite (BFMP) with Orang Asli, Larva Survey, and preparing Insecticide residual Spray (IRS). Field activity was conducted with the supports from Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Padang Padang. The field activity was continued with a visit to National Wildlife Rescue Centre (NWRC) for a sharing session on wildlife rehabilitation.

Participants should be able to gain and understand the basic knowledge of infectious
diseases management using the basic One Health competencies emphasized during the activity. In addition, MyOHUN hopes this activity has improved the core and technical competencies in detecting, preventing, and responding to outbreak situations.