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Diving into the aftermath of the pandemic, there could only be two outcomes: to persevere and fight for planetary justice, or we could choose to remain in denial. The latter one did not sit well with us, of course. So, we did what we had to do – gathered a bunch of A-listers, and got them TALKING! They got into their groove and let us in on a secret: each of us has a role to play in spreading the ethos of One Health. Teamwork makes the dream work, as one of our speakers pointed out.

Dr. Deborah Thomson from Washington D.C – Founder and President of One Health Lessons


With this in mind, we teamed up with MyOHUN for the third installation of our webinar series aptly named “All Hands on Deck: Bringing One Health to New Heights” on Saturday, 29th January 2022. Four internationally acclaimed speakers across different fields and expertise were invited to inculcate awareness and nourish interest among undergraduates. Our aim is to highlight the importance of One Health education and its application in the real world in tandem with proving that One Health goes beyond the medical/veterinary scope – we invited a political science fellow to illustrate this point!

Dr. Serina Rahman (that said political science fellow) entertained us not just by providing visuals for her presentation but also with her sharp wit and by keeping the QnA session lively!

This (webinar) was a pretty daunting task to execute, especially when we had newcomers serving as committee members, but with some persistence and passion, things went beyond our expectations. The speakers had not only managed to open our eyes regarding the health, wealth, economic, and social disparities that exist, yet the message in the bottle remains clear: WE MATTER to One Health despite our small contribution considering we are just a student-based organization. We hope to continue to deliver engaging talks like this to a wider based audience and get more people to appreciate and advocate for the One Health movement. Overall, it’s been a real slice!

When in doubt: always remember this! A very much appreciated pick-me-up from IVSA’s Chairman of the Standing Committee of One Health, Ms. Suwaibatul Annisa
Did we tick everything in the Dos & Don’ts of conducting a virtual discourse? Yes, we did. Sharing his insights is Dr. Gary from G.A Flory Consulting

Here’s the recording on our Youtube channel: WEBINAR ‘ALL HANDS ON DECK BRINGING ONE HEALTH TO NEW HEIGHTS’ 29 JAN 2022