In-situ One Health Problem-Based Learning on Animal, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health

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The In-Situ One Health Problem-Based Learning program on Animal, Wildlife, and Ecosystem Health, scheduled from 8 to 12 June 2023 situated at Kompleks Belia Dan Sukan (KBS) Negeri Sarawak in Kuching Sarawak. These five days program is an innovative teaching tool using real-life settings to heighten learning experiences allowing participants to engage in pre-determined learning activities effectively. Students of various disciplines who have acquired prior knowledge of basic, preclinical sciences, environmental health, ecology, and basic microbiology during Years 1-3 of the program will be able to assimilate their knowledge to the problem presented during the training. This activity has been done yearly since EPT1. Nevertheless, the program continued in 2022 and improved yearly by targeting different cohorts of students from various disciplines. This year, 39 undergraduate students consisting of students from Medical, Veterinary, Environmental Sciences, Biomedical, and Animal Science had the chance to visit Semenggoh dan Matang Wildlife Centre, Kuching Sarawak, which allowed them to observe and study diverse animal species up close and enhance their understanding of wildlife conservation. Overall, with full of activities, students are equipped with a holistic approach to addressing complex health challenges and given a chance to apply their classroom theories to real-world health challenges using the One Health approach with the help of the In-situ One Health Problem-based Learning Guidelines Book and A Problem- Based Learning Approach to One Health Cases Book.