One Health Field Epidemiology Training

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FETP is one of the annual training programs organized by MyOHUN to empower the One Health workforce frontline. The program aims to educate and provide relevant field epidemiology training to in-service mid-level managers. 2023 will be the sixth year for the training program to be run by the same facilitator group. This year, the committee has planned to carry out the training program with Sabah State Health Department. Materials used in the training include interactive lectures, tabletop simulations, case scenarios, group work, data management, and field visits. The selection of Lok Kawi Wildlife Park as the field trip location for this program is highly relevant to the One Health approach. By visiting the park, participants will have the opportunity to observe and understand the various risk factors associated with zoonotic diseases and learn strategies to improve their detection, prevention, and control. The park is a living laboratory, providing a unique setting to study the interactions between wildlife, humans, and the environment. Through first-hand experiences and engagement with experts, participants can gain valuable insights into the complex dynamics of zoonotic diseases and develop a holistic perspective on addressing health challenges at the human-animal-environment interface.