Hari Zoonosis Sedunia – Pencegahan Leptospirosis Bersama Komuniti

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World Zoonoses Day – Preventing Leptospirosis with the Community was celebrated in Banting, Selangor, on 26 th August 2023. The event welcomed the locals, students from educational institutions, and preschool children with the goal of raising awareness about diseases that can spread from animals to humans. The event highlights the talks delivered by DVS representatives on the importance of early education on hygiene, especially involving the proper disposal of food waste, to prevent and control infectious disease spread. The event offered visitors a hands-on experience with various activities, including a coloring competition, health booths from MyOHUN, MOH, DVS, and PERHILITAN and a rubbish-collection competition. Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Langat (MPKL) distributed 50 rat traps to sellers at Pasar Awam Banting in a significant move to combat leptospirosis. This initiative is designed to reduce the rat population in the area, as rats are known carriers of the bacteria responsible for leptospirosis, thus lowering the risk of disease transmission.