MyOHUN Booster Grant Concept Paper

MyOHUN is pleased to announce that the above grant is now open for applications. 

This grant is for academicians who wish to fund One Health related activities for the courses attached to their program curriculum. Proposals will be accepted related to community level work or related field activities to improve understanding about OH and skills among students. 

The objective of this grant is to encourage academicians who are teaching an ongoing course to modify their field learning experiences (excluding laboratory or bench work) to embrace OH issues and polish OH competencies. The academicians will be required to complete the attached application form to apply for this grant and will need to show evidence of incorporating OH in the learning experiences through photos and videos. Up to 6 grants will be made available to MyOHUN faculty members who are interested in developing a field or community-based project or outreach programs as part of existing curricula. Staff and students will develop practical skills in field/community engagement and community response while addressing specific OH issues in the field. These community-based projects can also serve as sites for OH student club involvement. This fund is not for research-specific activities but may be turned to training-research activity especially for qualitative or case studies.

Please submit the attached application to Eddie ( before 28 February 2022

All applications will be subject to review and approval. 

Amount available – USD 2,500 per grantee (6 grantees)

Additional important information:

  1. The grant is open to courses taught at both levels; under and postgraduate-taught courses.
  2. Other academicians/officers involved in the activity can come from other universities/faculties/institutions
  3. The activity can be one-off or can be done repeatedly so long as the approved budget for the activity is still available 
  4. The activity must be completed by/before 15 SEPTEMBER 2022
  5. The activity must comply strictly with the SOPs/Guidelines implemented by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.