Chan Kok Meng

Chan Kok Meng

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My research area focuses on in vitro mechanistic toxicology whereby understanding the mechanisms of cell death induced by natural occurring and synthesized chemicals. I have vast experience in planning, designing and interpreting toxicology studies. Currently, I’m involved as the technical expert/approved signatory and study director for the ISO17025 accredited and OECD-GLP certified toxicology testing facility in the university for in vitro studies. At national level, I have various appointments as taskforce and technical committee member for toxicology related-matter. Currently, I’m being appointed as the member for the toxicology technical expert committee by Department of Occupational Safety and Health to advise on classification of chemical substances in Malaysia. As a Board Certified Toxicologist and the past president of the Malaysian Society of Toxicology, I have passion in advocating the importance of toxicology especially when the subject matter is still underrepresented in this part of the region.
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